Food Distribution

Food Distribution, 

Funding Agency- U.S. Department of Agriculture
Funding Cycle- October 1 thru September 30

Mission Statement:

To ensure that all eligible Native Americans be given the opportunity to participate in the program. To ensure that all participants are knowledgeable on how to make the most of their food, by providing nutrition education, demonstrations, cookbooks, etc.

Services Provided:

Home delivery to elderly, handicapped or those clients who do not own a vehicle. Nutrition education, diabetic cooking and diet control.


Eligibility is based on the income and resources of all members of the household. You must complete an application form. All questions must be answered honestly and completely. If you refuse to provide any necessary information or provide false information, your household will not be eligible for the program.

You cannot receive commodities and food stamps at the same time.

If you disagree with any action taken on your household’s case you or your representative may request a fair hearing in writing or orally. Your case may be presented by any person you choose.

Service Delivery Area: All of Greer, Harmon, Kiowa and the extreme southwest corner of Caddo County and the northern half of Jackson County.

Ramona Goombi, Director
Rosemary Bointy, Certifier
Jeff Topaum, Warehouseman
Contact: (580) 654-2618 fax: (580) 654-1354

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