Kiowa Language Class

Every Thursday the Jacobson House Native Art Center has a Kiowa Language class.

The Jacobson House is located at 609 Chautauqua Avenue in Norman, Oklahoma.

The Kiowa Language class is taught by Dane Poolaw and Carol Williams every Thursday night from 6 till 8. The class teaches the Parker McKenzie method of learning the Kiowa language. Area presenters cover the Kiowa Language and how it is used: words in songs, sign language, prayers, meal conversations, stories and cultural and family relations.

Guest presenter join the class every three weeks to focus on a certain aspect of the Kiowa Language. Some of the guests include Dorothy Whitehorse Delaune, Craig Satepahoodle, Dr. Gus Palmer Jr., Billy Evans Horse, Martha Poolaw, Steve Littleman and Joe Fish Dupoint.

The Jacobson House will soon present another Kiowa Five play by Russ Tall Chief: “Jacobson House 1930″.

For more informations on activities at the Jacobson House, call 405- 366-1667 or click here for a link to their website.

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