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Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma



​On February 15th, 2017, Kiowa Tribal Leaders and members of the Kiowa Gaming Commission (KGC) and Kiowa Casino Operations Authority(KCOA) wielded bright gleaming tipped shovels, to break ground for a 63 room hotel that will be located adjacent to the Kiowa Casino Devol.
Kiowa Business Committee Chairman Matt Komalty, along with Vice-Chair Charles Eisenberger, Secretary Rhonda Ahhaitty, Treasurer Renee Plata, and Committee members Anita Onco Johnson, Ron Poolaw, Tom Kaulaity, and Dave Geimausaddle, were joined by two members of the KGC and members of the KCOA.
The 63 room hotel, adjoined to the Casino, will include meeting room space, business center, retail, and workout rooms.
Kiowa Casino COO Jim LaPorte said “This will be an exciting time for all as we add new amenities, jobs, and broaden our level of service to our guests”.
The hotel is expected to open in the first quarter of 2018.
For more information about Kiowa Casino, call 1866-370-4077.


The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma Higher Education Program is trying to identify 2017 graduates for an honors event.
The search is to extend an invitation to each of them to attend the Spring 2017 Graduates Banquet. The Banquet will be on April 27.2017, at McCasland Ballroom at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma.
Those being sought are the recipients of High School, GED, Vocational Center, College and University graduates who are Kiowa Tribal members.
All Kiowa 2017 graduates can contact the Tribe by calling 580-654-7007 or e-mail at with the name and address and the name of their school.
Graduates will be allowed bring two guests. Additional guests may attend for the cost of the meal.
For Kiowa students who are college bound there are scholarships available for the upcoming academic year. The application can be downloaded from the Tribal website Click on Higher Education to view the application with required documents for submission.
The Fall deadline is July 1st; the Spring deadline is November1st; and the Summer deadline is April 1st.
For more information contact the Kiowa Tribe Higher Education Program.


The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma Enrollment Office is urging every enrolled Tribal member to contact the Enrollment Office if their address has changed or if they’ve had a change in name.
“Your correct address is vital for services and benefits offered to Tribal members“, said Liz Ware, Kiowa Enrollment Specialist.
Keeping addresses updated is important for many reasons.
"Currect addresses are essential for absentee ballots during elections as well as for Elder Payments" she added.
Some Kiowa Elders did not receive their Elder payment checks in 2016 because of the wrong address. For more information on those payment checks, or to change your address for the next payment, please contact the Kiowa Enrollment Department at 580-654-2300 or
Inquiries may also be mailed to Kiowa Tribe Enrollment , P.O. Box 369, Carnegie Ok  73015.
Tribal members may also visit the Enrollment Office during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.
Those 17 years of age and under must have their legal guardian or custodial parent inquire for them.
All enrollment forms regarding membership, address change, and name change are also available on the tribal website


The Kiowa AOA building will be the setting for a Kiowa Language class hosted by Martha Perez.
The six week event will be held on Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm beginning on February 21st, 2017. Everyone from children to elders are invited to attend.
Ms. Perez will teach the language as it was taught to her, starting with simple words and gradually working up to sentences.
Necessary supplies and snacks will be provided.

Kiowa Voter Registration

On March 4th,2017, The Kiowa Election Board will hold an Issues and Budget election.          
According to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Kiowa Indian Tribe, Article VI–Elections, Section Six-Eligibility states that Tribal members who are at least eighteen years (18) of age on election day regardless of their place of residence shall be eligible to vote. Those individuals who wish to register:
Must be an enrolled member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma.
Must be eighteen years of age on or before March 4th, 2017.
Must complete a voters registration form and provide proof of tribal enrollment when the form is submitted to the KEB.
Voters registrations forms are available by contacting, or presenting to the Election Board office at the Kiowa Tribe in Carnegie, Oklahoma. Completed forms must be received by the KEB at this location either in person or by mail prior to February 16th in order to participate in the March 4th, 2017 general election.     
KEB Secretary Kari Wahnee said, “In our effort to give the KIC every opportunity to vote we are accepting prior registration with the tribe as well as registration with the recent secretarial election conducted by the BIA.”                                                         
She further stated, “The secretarial election in October had one of the largest voter participations ever recorded. We certainly want to include those voters in our current and future election processes.”                

 It is the responsibility of all registered voters to maintain a current mailing address with the Election Board. Change of address forms are available from the Election Board office. Completed forms must be received by the KEB office prior to February 16th in order to insure your ballot is mailed to the correct address for the March 4th election. The KEB regrets that due to time constraints associated with this particular election, there will be no registration sites other than the KEB office located at the Kiowa Tribe Complex in Carnegie, Oklahoma. If you would like to request a registration application or have any questions, please call 580-654-2300 ext. 325 for further assistance.  

Wahnee added, “All we ask is, if you have registered in the past, please make sure your address is current with the KEB office.”

The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma March, 2017 Voting Process

The March 4th Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma issues and tribal budget election will be conducted by mail-in ballots with an additional option of returning your ballot directly to the Kiowa Election Board office at the Kiowa Tribal Complex on election day only.
 According to KEB Secretary Kari Wahnee, ballots will be mailed to all registered voters on February 16, 2017. No new ballots will be printed on election day. You must vote using the ballot you receive in the mail. A pre-paid postage envelope will be provided for prompt return of the marked ballot to the Election Board post office box.
On election day, all ballots will be retrieved from a locked post office box by two KEB members and one observer. These ballots will be stored in a locked box until the polls close at 6 pm.
On Election Day only, from 8am to 6pm, a second locked ballot box will be available at the Kiowa Tribal Complex for those who wish to submit their ballot in person. At 6 pm both ballot boxes will be opened and counting of the ballots will begin using an automated computerized tabulating device. Election results will be expected in approximately one hour after the counting process begins.
Following the tabulation, election results will be posted that evening at the BIA Area Office in Anadarko, the Kiowa Tribal Complex in Carnegie, and other locations to be named in the near future. The results will also be posted on the Official Site of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma Facebook page and the Kiowa Tribal website,
Voter address information can be updated by calling the Election Board Office at the Kiowa Tribal Complex 580-654-2300 ext. 325.
The mailing address is Kiowa Election Board, PO Box 1000, Carnegie, Oklahoma 73015, or Email:



AARP Oklahoma is accepting nominations for its ninth annual Indian Elder Honors to celebrate 50 Native American elders who have positively impacted their community, family, tribe and nation. AARP Oklahoma is accepting nominations for its ninth annual Indian Elder Honors to celebrate 50 Native American elders who have positively impacted their community, family, tribe and nation. 

 Nomination applications are online at: Nominations may be emailed to or mailed to AARP Oklahoma, 126 N. Bryant, Edmond, OK, 73034.  Nominees must be an enrolled member of a federally-recognized Oklahoma tribe or nation, age 50+, and must be living. Nominees do not have to be AARP members. For more information, please contact Mashell Sourjohn at 405-715-4474 or . The deadline for submitting nominations is May 1, 2017.


  Jan. 22, Cedaring Ceremony, 1:00 pm, Kiowa AOA Building. 
Feb. 4, Benefit Dance
March 4, Benefit Dance
April 2 ( Sunday ) Benefit Dance
May 6, Benefit Dance
All benefits at Red Buffalo Hall, Kiowa Tribal Complex, 2:00 pm
June 17, Clean Up Day, 8:00 am, Carnegie Lower Park
July 2, 3, 4, Carnegie Lower Park!
All KGC events are alcohol, drug and firearm free. No vendors. Security provided. More information forthcoming. The Kiowa Gourd Clan not responsible for accidents. Any further questions, contact the Kiowa Gourd Clan Officers.



   KIOWA TRIBE ISSUES AND BUDGET                              ELECTION-MARCH 4TH, 2017.



   There will be a Public Recall Hearing in regards      to a recall filed by Shan Gachot against Kiowa        Casino Operations Authority (KCOA) Chairman      Robert Aduddell on Wednesday, March 1st,            2017, at 10am in the Kiowa Business Committee    Office in Carnegie.