Job listings under "Personnel". If you are applying for employment with the Kiowa Tribe, The Personnel Department will only accept a faxed application with all documentation attached or hand deliver. Do not send applications by mail. - Kiowa Social Services has announced that there is no Direct Assistance available at this time. Check periodically at 580-654-1454. - Visit the Kiowa Museum in the Kiowa Complex in Carnegie. Open 9am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday. Special arrangements for different times can be made by calling 580-654-2300 ext. 370. - Kiowa Tribe Constitution and Bylaws available on under "Government". - Current Kiowa Newsletter available under "Media" - Effective immediately, the Kiowa Tribe will begin using a new security procedure for entrance to the Tribal Complex. All employees, clients and vendors must enter through the front door. IDs will be required and you must state your business. Several tribes have gone to this system to create a safe atmosphere for those visiting their facilities.

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  • Report Child Abuse

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