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According to the Administration for Community Living Guidelines all Kiowa AOA Title VI Services are available only to Federally Recognized Tribal Members from any tribe who reside within the Kiowa AOA service area.  All Kiowa AOA Services are available only according to funding availability. The Parameter for the Kiowa AOA Service Area extends from 5 miles east of Carnegie, Oklahoma, with the Botone Church as our eastern boundary, stretching southward to Meers, Oklahoma.

A Kiowa AOA Qualified Elder Participant must be 60 years of age and a Federally Recognized member of any tribe. Spouses who are non-Indian and married to a Qualified Elder Participant may also participate in Kiowa AOA services. Spouses who are 59 years of age and younger may also participate in Kiowa AOA services providing their spouse is a Qualified Elder Participant. Handicapped Individuals who are 59 years of age or younger and residing with a Qualified Elder Participant may also participate in Kiowa AOA Services.

Kiowa Tribe AOA Title VI Supportive Services are primarily to help improve the quality of life for AOA qualified elders and lengthen their stay at home as long as possible preventing nursing home residency.  However, the Kiowa AOA Program does not pay for the elder’s personal bills or debts. Elder Participant must have inquired or applied with other entities or agencies for their services and provide a copy of that application verifying it before requesting Kiowa AOA Assistance.

AOA has a few handicapped assistant devices on hand for Loan only. Elder may check out handicap devices every 6 weeks. Handicap devices are for temporary use only and are not meant to be kept. Some of the items AOA has are electric scooters, walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, grab bars, shower chairs, portable handicap ramp, and handicap transporter for scooter or wheelchair. An elder must update the Loan Application every six weeks should they need to check out the AOA handicap equipment for further use.