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ICW Case Worker

ICW Case Worker

ICW Case Worker

ICW Administrative Assistant

The Indian Child Welfare (ICW) Program is supported by the Title II Grant. The Kiowa Tribe continues to operate an Indian Child and Family Service Program. ICW is designed to prevent the breakup of Kiowa families; to strengthen family stability and to ensure that the removal of a Kiowa child from the custody of his/her parents or Indian custodian is the last resort.

The major goal of the ICW Program shall be attained utilizing our existing networks for referrals from Kiowa Tribal employees, Kiowa Tribal members or their families, public agencies, law enforcement officials, and health officials who suspect or can prove child abuse or neglect against Kiowa parents or custodians. The cases of families who are "at risk" shall be provided services to prevent the breakup of the family.

  • Eligibility

    A home with Kiowa child(ren) who is/are enrolled or eligible for membership with the Kiowa Tribe (Birth to 17 years or 18 years if still in school). In extreme cases, a Kiowa home can be serviced to prevent removal of child(ren).

  • Requirement

    Child or children is/are enrolled with the Kiowa Tribe.

  • Required Documents

    • Complete application
    • Letter of intent
    • Child(ren)CDIB
    • Physical Examination or shot record of the youngest enrolled Kiowa child (5 years and under).
    • Copy of utility bill.
  • Service Area

    The Indian Child Welfare is nationwide.


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