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"Promoting Cohesive Nutritional Services with Hospitality and Improving the Quality of Life through Kiowa AOA Supportive Services."


Effective March 15, 2024 AOA will no longer cater meals. 


The Kiowa Administration on Aging (AOA) offers congregate meals, supportive services, respite caregivers, Fastrans passes, handicap equipment, loan closet, residential lawn care, light home and auto repairs, educational health presentations, referral services and home-delivered meals.

The breakdown of the infrastructure of the Kiowa Tribe AOA Elder Program is as set forth. Hereby, each aspect of the Kiowa Tribe AOA Elder Program and its operation as explained, herein, is transparent and concise, as possible. The Kiowa AOA Program is funded by the Administration for Community Living. Like all grants, the l<iowa AOA Elder Program has guidelines we adhere to and service areas that are established and recognized by the ACL Grantor. The Kiowa AOA Title VI Funding consists of 2 parts which are Part C of the Caregiver Supportive Services and Part A Nutrition. The Nutrition aspect of the Kiowa AOA Program is the larger budget of the two within the Kiowa AOA Program. The Kiowa AOA Title VI Program is not a Social Service Program, Housing Program, or a Grass Cutting Program. The Kiowa AOA is primarily funded to provide Nutritional Services and offers a limited number of supportive services to help improve the quality of life for our Kiowa Elders. The Kiowa AOA Program and its services are restricted to our immediate service area and will always endeavor to assist our elders within maximum reason according to availability of funding and as long as the qualified elder resides within the established Kiowa Tribe AOA service area. The Kiowa Tribe AOA Program is one of the few Federal Funded Programs among the Kiowa Tribe that has remained open back in March of 2020 when the Corona Virus was first declared a Global Pandemic. Due to the devastating Covid-19 Pandemic, the Kiowa AOA Program closed its doors to the public but continued to provide services on the front lines on a lower scale with daily operations. Due to Food Service manufacturers shutting down during the Covid-19 Pandemic food products and supplies have become scarce at times. During the time Covid-19 was declared a Global Pandemic and up to the present food costs and supplies have more than doubled in price, and currently, are not subsiding. To minimize exposure to the Covid-19 Virus, during the early part of the Covid-19 Pandemic the Kiowa AOA Program resorted to providing weekly care packages for our elders and eventually had local restaurants to provide meals, as well, to our Kiowa AOA elder participants. During the beginning of my employment, the Kiowa Tribe AOA Elder Program was serving an average of 18 to 24 AOA Participants daily.  Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic Kiowa AOA Elder participation continued to increase and at the time Covid-19 was declared a Global Pandemic the Kiowa AOA Elder Program was serving up to 120 meals daily. Today, due to the dramatic growth in elder participation in the Kiowa AOA Elder Program, elder participation has now plateaued at an average of almost 200 meals daily. 


  • Meal Times

    12:00 pm – 01:00 pm


  • Service Area

    According to the Administration for Community Living Guidelines all Kiowa AOA Title VI Services are available only to Federally Recognized Tribal Members from any tribe who reside within the Kiowa AOA service area.  All Kiowa AOA Services are available only according to funding availability. The Parameter for the Kiowa AOA Service Area extends from 5 miles east of Carnegie, Oklahoma, with the Botone Church as our eastern boundary, stretching southward to Meers, Oklahoma. The western edge of the Kiowa AOA Service area is the Kiowa County line and North to the northern edge of the Caddo county line.

  • Qualifications

    A Kiowa AOA Qualified Elder Participant must be 60 years of age and a Federally Recognized member of any tribe. Spouses who are non-Indian and married to a Qualified Elder Participant may also participate in Kiowa AOA services. Spouses who are 59 years of age and younger may also participate in Kiowa AOA services providing their spouse is a Qualified Elder Participant. Handicapped Individuals who are 59 years of age or younger and residing with a Qualified Elder Participant may also participate in Kiowa AOA Services. Caregivers who reside with or assist Handicapped Elders may also qualify for Kiowa AOA Services. Handicapped Elders must provide documentation verifying their disability.

  • Supportive Services

    Kiowa Tribe AOA Title VI Supportive Services are primarily to help improve the quality of life for AOA qualified elders and lengthen their stay at home as long as possible preventing nursing home residency.  However, the Kiowa AOA Program does not pay for the elder’s personal bills or debts. Elder Participant must have inquired or applied with other entities or agencies for their services and provide a copy of that application verifying it before requesting Kiowa AOA Assistance. The Kiowa AOA Program reserves the right to follow-up with that application to confirm whether or not that application will be considered for assistance before the Kiowa AOA will provide assistance pending on funding availability.

  • Loan Closet

    AOA has a few handicapped assistant devices on hand for Loan only. Elder may check out handicap devices every 6 weeks. Handicap devices are for temporary use only and are not meant to be kept. Some of the items AOA has are electric scooters, walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, grab bars, shower chairs, portable handicap ramp, and handicap transporter for scooter or wheelchair. An elder must update the Loan Application every six weeks should they need to check out the AOA handicap equipment for further use.

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