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100 Kiowa Way
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Kiowa Tribe Youth Sports (KTYSP) believes if we invest in our youth today, by empowering them with the skills they need, it will help create healthy tomorrows. We encourage our youth and tribal members to participate in recreation, exercise, sports, and any other related activities. The program works to promote a healthy lifestyle to enhance the lives of all Kiowa Tribal members, as well as other American Indians residing in our area.

We offer year-round youth activities that include leagues, travel teams, camps and trainings, where kids improve social skills, make new friends and learn sportsmanship and respect. Our program provides children with opportunities to learn specific skills in a supportive environment. They are conducted with an emphasis on positive personal growth, and we balance the development of physical skills with other important aspects of sports including leadership, teamwork and cooperation. We also stress the importance of our culture, traditions and ways of life and work with numerous programs and tribes to help better our people, young and old.

KTYSP also provide classes in the evenings throughout the seasons for our members and help assist not only the youth but our adult members with any type of fees or sponsorship to help promote them to be healthy, stay active and be fit.

  • Eligibility

    All youth applicants must be enrolled members of the Kiowa Tribe from the ages of 5-18 years of age and provide a copy of their CDIB and any other documentation that maybe needed. Adult applications must be 18 and older as well as be a Kiowa Tribal member.

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