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100 Kiowa Way
Carnegie, OK 73015
United States

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PO Box 369
Carnegie, OK 73015
United States


The Kiowa Tribe Enrollment Office serves as a verification of enrollment and non-enrollment. Data entry and maintaining the membership roll. Enrollment verification, Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) letters, copies of family trees and other file-related documents, CDIB and tribal identification cards, process membership applications and conditional relinquishment's, statistical reports, and distribution of elder payments. The Kiowa Enrollment Office also assists the Kiowa Election Commission for voter address updates, name changes, and provide listing for ballot vendor for every election.



The Kiowa Enrollment office is now accepting Tribal ID applications from out of state Citizens! 

Please complete all appropriate forms below.

  • Eligibility

    Article IV - Membership Section 1B.  As the Kiowa Tribe Constitution states descendants of original allottees shall be eligible for enrollment; provided, they file an application for enrollment with the enrollment office and possess at least one-fourth degree Kiowa Indian and, or Kiowa Captive blood.

  • Required Documents

    1. Applicants Original State Certified Birth Certificate (No Exceptions).

    2. Applicants Copy of their Social Security Card.

    3. Other Legal Documentation, if deemed necessary.

    4. Completed Membership Application for Enrollment.

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