District #4 Meeting to be Held

There will be a community meeting for District #4 Kiowa Tribal members on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 6pm. The meeting will be held at Mt. Scott Kiowa Indian Methodist Church at 11312 NW Miller Road in Meers, Oklahoma.
District 4, Qop-aydle/ Jimmy Creek, boundaries are Northern: Highway 19, Southern: Highway 62, Eastern: Highway 281 & 1-44, and the Western Boundary is Highway 54.
The meeting will be hosted by Renee Plata, Speaker of the Kiowa Legislature.
Davetta Geimausaddle, Kiowa Indian Council (KIC) Coordinator, will also be in attendance for any questions, issues or concerns of the KIC.
Refreshments will be served.


Kristi Wolf Norris, Tulsa, OK - 27
Spencer Allen Onco, Norman, OK - 66
Tahnee M. Ahtone Harjo-Growingthunder, OKC, OK - 111
Davetta Geimasauddle, Carnegie, OK - 126


​There are approximately 700 Kiowa Tribal members still entitled to a Cobell payment. A list has been provided to the Kiowa Tribe with the names of those people. The names are based on Bureau of Indian Affairs records, which aren’t always accurate, due to misinformation provided by outside sources. Some names may be misspelled, addresses may have been wrong. Sometimes a person living may have been posted as deceased or vice versa. The deadline to apply for payment is November 26, 2017. If you or a family member, living or deceased, is on the list, call the law firm of Kilpatrick and Townsend at 1-866-383-6554 or email to beneficiaryline@kilpatricktownsend.com for instructions on how to apply. To view the list click here.

For Legislative Postings for the Kiowa Tribe, go to "Government", click on "Legislative".

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The Social Services office is currently taking Emergency Assistance applications but are waiting on additional funding.  They are asking that when you submit your completed application, that you also submit your bill and current Kiowa tribal CDIB too.  ​​



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