ARPA Disbursement

Our heartfelt apology goes out to our Kiowa Tribal Members for the delayed start at Tulsa today. We had issues with the setup that caused the delay, we tried our best to get the issue addressed promptly. Thank you for your understanding and patience while we got this resolved.

CHECKS MISSING: The primary goal is appropriating the checks to Tribal Members by Christmas; in an attempt to make the process faster, we imported data from last year’s distribution. A few errors were made during the transfer of the data, so some checks did not get processed. We will be composing a listing of those who did not receive a check. Please be patient and know that we are working collectively with the Enrollment & Finance Departments to get verification and valid data to finish processing. Once the process is complete, payment will be sent by priority mail.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Tomorrow’s event in Oklahoma City will be at Remington Park starting at 10:00 am. Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) validation is required, we match the CDIB# with checks to ensure the correct check is given. So please have your CDIB available so we can get everyone serviced promptly and efficiently.

NOTE: If you are picking up a check for someone you must have (1.) a written note that we will retain; (2.) CDIB of the person you are picking up the check for, and (3.) a valid ID that matches the name on the letter.

Safe travels to all those who will be attending tomorrow’s event!