On April 13th 2023 the Kiowa Re-Entry Program Director, Natasha Simpson got to meet with the Goodwill Re-Entry Employment Preparation Program and Training Center in Oklahoma City. The Kiowa Re-Entry Program and Goodwill are building a partnership together to help our Kiowa Tribal members that are currently being released from jail/prison. 

The Re-Entry Employment Preparation Program (REPP) is designed to help support those who have been released from incarceration to provide opportunities to improve overall quality of life and avoid re-entering the system.


Services provided include Basic Computer Skills, Resume Building, Interview Skills, Professionalism and Etiquette, Money Management and so much more. 


Short term career pathways institute- Short Term Certificate Programs include.

Virtual Reality Forklift 

Workplace Computer Skills 

Unarmed Security

Network Cabling 

Restaurant Management 

Call Center Support 

Employment Essentials 

National Federation 


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Natasha Simpson 


Kiowa Re-Entry Director

Kiowa Re-Entry Program 


Office number: (580) 654-6361

Cell number: (580) 919-3175

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