• Kiowa Tribal members are limited to six (06) tags.
  • Kiowa Tribal Veterans are limited to two (02) veteran tags at the $10.00 rate per tag. Any additional veteran tags will be the regular price based upon the year of the vehicle.
  • Original title and the registration with the Kiowa member's name: the seller and buyer must provide their signatures with it notarized (no exceptions).
  • Bill of Sale from individual or dealership. The Bill of Sale is needed in order to determine the Manufactures Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) you paid for a vehicle.

If Applicable,

  • Current military ID (Active/reserve duty Kiowa members/spouses)
  • DD-214/or equivalent for NOAA/UPHS Kiowa members claiming veteran preference for Veteran tags (Must bear honorable discharge or under honorable conditions)
  • Letter from VA if claiming 100% disability
  • State handicapped placard and/or application showing approval
  • No Appointments are required to renew your Kiowa tag.

  • Renewals may be accomplished by the following methods: In-person, telephone, mail, drive-through window, e-mail, or ordering online. You will need to upload all the necessary documents and mail the original title to us if you purchased another vehicle.

A single requestor is limited to the issuance of two (02) duplicate Titles to a single vehicle.

Your tags must be kept up to date. There is only a 30 day grace period until you are penalized for a late tag. The penalty is $8.00 for each month that has elapsed. The Oklahoma Tax Commission charges $1.00 every day up to a total of $100, then other fees arise having to pay the $100, in addition to other late fees that are more than the Tribe's present $8.00 fee per month. Only waivers are given by the Director of Tax Commission under rare circumstances if the vehicle has lapsed more than a year.