Hello, my name is Warren Queton. I am the legislator for the District 7 Legislative seat, representing the At Large Kiowa District, meaning all citizens who do not reside in the jurisdictional area of southwestern Oklahoma. 

Personal Life: My Cauigu Name is P’aw Ah which means “the moon is coming” and was given to me by Oscar Tsoodle. I am the son of Clifton and Nellie Queton, and grandson of Mickey and Melvin Queton. I come from the Queton, Bointy, and Bigbow families, my family's allotment is located north of the Stinking Creek bridge west of Carnegie. My family still resides in the Crowley Area south of Fort Worth. I am the oldest of three siblings, with two younger sisters, Danielle and Shawnea Queton. I am married to my wife, Welana Queton, of the Osage, Creek, and Cherokee nations. We have a six-year-old pup named Lettie Jane who lives with us in our house in Blanchard, OK.

Kiowa Background: My family has lived in the Dallas Fort Worth Area since the 1950s, working and living as part of a large Urban Indian community. I grew up alongside a large extended family, my grandparents, my aunt Rene Queton and Bruce Queton. We have always participated in American Indian dances and cultural events even though we were located a long way from our tribal communities. We group up spending our summer in Oklahoma with our relatives around Carnegie, Oklahoma. That upbringing has become a large part of who I am, a Cauigu.

Educational Background: I moved to Oklahoma in 1999 and attended the University of Oklahoma, earning a Bachelor's in Native American Studies and a Master's in Applied Linguistic Anthropology. After attaining my degree. I worked full-time for OU as the Upward Bound Academic Counselor and Tribal Liaison. I am currently part-time Faculty for the OU Department of Native American Studies, teaching tribal service learning. I am transitioning from my full-time position with the Kiowa Tribe, serving as the Director of Higher Education.

Military Career: I am a Proud Army Veteran with service in Iraq from 2007-08, Afghanistan from 2012-2013, and recently in Kuwait from 2018-19. 

My Leadership Attributes include 1) Character-Kiowa Values, Empathy, Humility, 2) Presence-Professionalism, Confidence, Resilience, 3) Intellect-Innovation, Personal Tact, and Expertise.

My Leadership Competencies include 1) Achieves-Gets results, improves performance, gives feedback, executes, and adapts 2) Develops-Believer in lifelong learning, positive work environment, steward of tribal money, 3) Leads-Leads others, builds trust, extends influence, leads by example, communicates effectively.

Warren Queton
Kiowa Tribe District 7 Legislator