ARPA Disbursement

ARPA Disbursement

Our heartfelt apology goes out to our Kiowa Tribal Members for the delayed start at Tulsa today. We had issues with the setup that caused the delay, we tried our best to get the issue addressed promptly. Thank you for your understanding and patience while we got this resolved.


ATTENTION TRIBAL MEMBERS! We are happy to announce that the Kiowa Elder payment will begin being dispersed Monday, November 28, 2022!

A catered meal will be provided. Please bring a valid form of identification to pick up checks. If picking up for an elder, you must bring a signed letter from them giving permission & your valid ID. 

Elder checks that are not picked up in person will be mailed out the following Monday, December 5th. 



Special Meeting of the Kiowa Indian Council

Should every current enrolled Tribal Member become registered as a Full-Blooded Kiowa?

Kiowa District 1 Legislator, Kyle Attaddlety, has collected enough signatures to begin the process of placing this idea into motion with a petition. The Kiowa Election Commission recently verified the signatures and notified the KIC (Kiowa Indian Council) Coordinator, Kristi Wolf-Norris.